Denholm Orr

Denholm Orr, who is completing a Master of Music specialising in Jazz Performance, says the programme has set him on track for future employment.

Denholm Orr plays rad licks on the double bass
Denholm Orr

"With a Master of Music, I am continuing to add to my skills as a musician and bass player. It will set me on a good path for future employment in tertiary institutions or musical organisations.

"I’ve been fortunate to receive a handful of scholarships which helped further my studies. In particular, the Summer Research Scholarship was a great means of getting a feel for the requirements of a masters programme, with regards to having complete freedom to choose my course of study.

“My current research looks at tone, an easily-glossed-over aspect of music performance. My aim is to look in-depth at tone production with the bow on upright bass, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Such insights could eventually lead to new bass teaching methods.

"The staff in the jazz department at the University of Auckland are at the top of their fields, but the education you receive goes well beyond what you learn in the classroom!"