Hazuki Katsukawa

International student Hazuki Katsukawa is pursuing her dream of becoming a professional musician with a Bachelor of Music degree.

Hazuki smiling
Hazuki Katsukawa

"I originally came to the University of Auckland as a semester exchange student in 2020. I instantly fell in love with the people and campus life, so I decided to transfer here. The University of Auckland is always willing to help. I am beyond grateful, especially for the support I received when I enrolled in a new degree."

I feel so comfortable studying at my own pace, which drives me to pursue my dream of becoming a professional musician

Hazuki Katsukawa

"The School of Music is full of like-minded individuals with diverse backgrounds. Our future visions and thoughts on musical pieces can differ from time to time, but ultimately, we share a love of music and always remain close friends. Everyone here is very passionate about what they do and genuinely appreciates music on a deep level. Witnessing my friends become artists has inspired me enormously.

“As much as I enjoy learning solo pieces, playing in the University Symphony Orchestra and ensemble groups has given me so much joy. I feel fortunate to be surrounded by immensely talented players who will become the future of the New Zealand music industry.

"A significant advantage of studying music at the University of Auckland is the range of experiences available. The School of Music is a welcoming and inclusive environment for any music lover. On top of brilliant tutors, there are many learning resources and opportunities that extend to the entire New Zealand music community.

“I have played solo concertos twice with the University Symphony Orchestra and once with Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. I have taken part in masterclasses from top world-class players, including Amalia Hall, Robin Wilson, and NZTrio. Now, I am playing a fine Roth violin on a generous loan through Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, which I am incredibly grateful for.

"I believe my Bachelor of Music degree will be an excellent foundational asset that will lead me to study at higher levels worldwide and to contribute to New Zealand's music industry."