Loxmyn McDonald-Ness

Loxmyn enjoys the collaborative nature of studying jazz.

Loxmyn McDonald-Ness, jazz student
Loxmyn McDonald-Ness, Bachelor of Music, Creative Practice: Jazz

“I’ve always been a fan of music: I’ve made music and loved music from a young age. I wanted to understand how music worked. I knew the University of Auckland had a strong reputation, and the excellent teachers were the selling point for me. At my jazz audition during the application process, I was able to perform with the teachers. They actually interact with you and see what kind of potential you have. This open and collaborative approach continues during your time here.

“You grow strong ties to the people around you. When you play with people for a few years, you learn who you play well with in a band. You support each other in various performances."

You have the opportunity of playing alongside older students and graduates in the music industry too. The networking aspect of your study is beneficial, especially in preparing you for the music industry.

Loxmyn McDonald-Ness - Bachelor of Music, Creative Practice: Jazz

“I can safely say that you can maintain your originality while studying here. It’s important because your individuality is what you bring to the table. You can improve your craft here, learn the jazz theory collated over generations, yet still maintain your own musical identity.”