About Youth Mentoring Resources

Find out about how and why our youth mentoring resources were developed.

We understand that mentoring can be challenging, and that thinking of new, fun activities to bring to your mentoring session can be tough.

We also know that mentors often lead busy lives, so we aim to offer practical support by providing open-access and free activities.

Mentoring is a highly individualised intervention, for which there is no “one size fits all” approach, especially when it comes to the specific activities which will support your mentee.

Most activities are presented with 11-13 year old mentees in mind. However, many can be modified to better suit the needs, interests and developmental stage of older and younger mentees.

The activities here are best understood as guides for mentors. We encourage you to think carefully about how any activity may be best adapted to suit your mentee’s needs.

These resources were developed to meet the needs and outcomes of mentees in the Mentoring and Tutoring Education Scheme (MATES) Junior programme.

We’d like to acknowledge the mentors who contributed to the development of these resources.

Thank you to Great Potentials Foundation and the Vodafone New Zealand Foundation which have made this resource possible.

Please direct any questions or comments to Dr Pat Bullen.