Strategic vision and plan

Our vision informs what we do, how we do it and what we strive to achieve for our students, graduates and communities of practice through our teaching, learning and research.

Our vision

Leading Learning, Changing Lives.

Our Mission

We aim to lead learning:

  • By advancing the boundaries of knowledge as researchers in the fields of education and social work
  • By working collaboratively with our practitioner communities to address problems of practice and disseminate the outcomes of this work
  • Through teaching that challenges, engages and inspires our students in a high- expectation learning environment that is welcoming and inclusive
  • By innovating and experimenting as teachers to improve the educational experience of our students, and evaluating and publishing the results of these practices
  • By producing graduates who themselves aspire to be leaders of learning in the communities within which they work

Our value

We see the value of our work in the difference it makes to people’s lives, in particular:

  • Being an active voice for, and contributing to, building a more socially just and equal society
  • Stimulating enjoyment of the experience of learning that fuels an interest in continuing to learn
  • Enabling a personal sense of accomplishment for our students and people taught by our graduates
  • Supporting the enhancement of practice that benefits both those practising their profession and those on the receiving end
  • Informing and improving policy

We also know that our work benefits from sustained and constructive engagement with our students and communities of practice. These relationships change us in rewarding ways as researchers and teachers, in the same way it changes those with whom we work.

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