Graduate stories

Meet our graduates and find out how their studies have helped them make a difference in education, social work, research and the community.

The Master of Social Work allowed Eileen to fulfil her potential, while studying alongside people from different disciplines, all with the same vision.

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The Master of Professional Studies in Education made Rahul a more critical thinker, developed his research skills and opened the door to a wider range of schools.

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The Master of Education Practice gave Waratah the skills to reflect on her pedagogy and identify factors she can change for the betterment of all students.

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The Master of Educational Leadership has widened my resource base and enabled me to implement strategies to improve my students’ outcomes in my class as teacher and school leader.

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The Master of Education Practice challenged Chris to engage with new research and think deeply about aspects of his job that were really important to him.

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Mechanical engineering graduate Sue McLean had been working in food manufacturing and construction when she realised that becoming an early childhood teacher would be more fulfilling.

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Hollie's passion for helping those in need took her on a journey from Psychology and Employment Relations to the Master of Social Work Professional.

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To support his English language learners on and off the playing field, intermediate teacher and coach Gus Leger decided to study the GradDipTESSOL.

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People and organisation coordinator

Melanie Fisher’s studies strengthened her time management, communication and analytical skills and gave her an understanding of different ideologies.

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