Coursework, tests and examinations information

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Attendance and Participation Engagement with course activities and readings, and the completion of all in-class requirements support student success.

Student Charter and Responsibilities As active participants in the learning process students will act in ways to ensure a safe and productive learning environment.

Academic Integrity Cheating in coursework is a serious academic offence which will not be tolerated at the University. All work submitted for grading must be the student’s own work. The Student Academic Conduct Statute addresses this in more detail.

Assignment Referencing The University’s Referen©ite website provides students with a one stop online resource for academic referencing needs.

Assessing Te Reo Māori in Coursework and Examinations Students have the right to use Te Reo Māori in assessment both for coursework and examinations.

Assignment Submission  Submission of all assignments must be uploaded to an assignment drop box on Canvas, Moodle or Turnitin.

Assignment Return Students can expect to have marked assignments and tests returned within 3 weeks from the due date. Students will be informed about how to access marked assignments/tests.

Assignment Extensions Students must request an extension to the Course Director (or course co-ordinator) in advance of the due date. Supporting evidence is required.

Special Consideration: Unavoidable Personal Circumstances (Coursework only) Students that face unavoidable personal circumstances and are unable to submit a component of coursework may apply for special consideration, with supporting evidence.

Assignment Penalties for Late Work Students that submit coursework assignments after the notified deadline, or after the approved extension, will have marks deducted. The level of deduction depends on the level of lateness.

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