Doctoral stories

Meet doctoral candidates helping turn knowledge into tangible benefits for society.

Mirko Wojnowski - Doctor of Education

Mirko's research looks at improving student understanding of primary mathematics by coaching parents online.

Mirko's story

Mary’s research explores what it feels like to be a student in a high-decile school but from a low-socioeconomic home, and the invisibility of that experience.

Mary's story
hoa pham

International student, Hoa Pham, is looking at how children’s identities emerge through their construction of stories, authoring themselves in the world.

Hoa's story

Natasha's research looks at songs in Samoan funerals and what these may tell us about what the current Samoan culture looks like in New Zealand.

Natasha's story

Alison’s doctoral research focuses on children’s storying experiences in inclusive early childhood education settings in Aotearoa New Zealand and Hong Kong.

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