Teaching and learning

Find out about our faculty’s commitment to quality teaching, learning support, the Digital Learning Team, e-learning, Copyright at Auckland, awards, policies, guidelines and strategies for better learning.

We are committed to inspiring all students to become lifelong learners, and to be recognised for teaching and research of the highest quality.

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Our staff have won national, University of Auckland and faculty awards for the quality of their teaching and supervision.

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Explore our resources for teaching and course development including formative evaluation, staff development and e-learning.

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Learn about the range of awards and grants teaching staff can apply for.

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Take a look at our plans and documents to ensure quality teaching and learning.

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We offer a wide range of academic support services that students can access.

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Our higher education learning and research hub works with academics at all levels of experience to develop, document and research their teaching.

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Our learning and digital technology specialists consult on the design of high-quality blended undergraduate and postgraduate courses and special projects.

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Access useful information guiding your learning and teaching, such as policies on academic conduct, academic honesty, resolution of disputes and much more.

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Find out about the use of new teaching technologies and computer-assisted learning.

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Understand copyright issues and what to avoid in your research or dissertation.

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What does the University do with your feedback through surveys and course and teaching evaluations?

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