Commitment to quality teaching

"Leading learning, changing lives to achieve excellence and equity" is the faculty’s vision statement, driving the faculty’s learning, teaching and research agendas.

In its learning and teaching the faculty is committed to:

  • Challenge, inspire and engage all students to become lifelong learners who make a positive difference to the lives of others
  • Offer an educational experience that is the best of contemporary and future-focussed educational design and delivery
  • Enhance our teaching and learning through evidence-based, research-informed, professional action
  • Promote and support research-informed innovation in teaching and learning that enhances student achievement and engagement
  • Contribute in a scholarly and informed way to debates about education and social services
  • Enhance the achievement, opportunities and well-being of our diverse cohort of students
  • Uphold our commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi by developing and implementing strategies to improve Māori student participation, success, retention and completion rates
  • Be recognised nationally and internationally for providing research-led learning and teaching of the highest quality