Wellbeing Research and Practice Group

WRaP aims to promote and extend research and practice relating to wellbeing in education.

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Wellbeing is a growing area of research. It is recognised as a complex and multifaceted construct. There is no universal agreement about what constitutes wellbeing or how it should be defined. Various definitional frameworks of wellbeing are used in the health, social science, philosophical and policy domains. In Aotearoa indigenous models of wellbeing make an important contribution. WRaP takes a broad approach to defining wellbeing, leaving open opportunities for engagement with multiple perspectives and understandings.  

The role of the group is to:

  • Establish a forum for sharing research and current practice related to wellbeing in education, pedagogy and practice at the Faculty of Education and Social Work
  • Establish relationships and identify opportunities for research related to wellbeing in education, pedagogy and practice
  • Increase research outputs by faculty members related to wellbeing in education, pedagogy and practice.

2019 events

These events are scheduled for 2019 and details will be announced on our events page closer to the date. If you are interested in adding your name to the WRaP email list please contact k.gould@auckland.ac.nz

7 August

Dr Fiona Moir: Wellbeing research, teaching and practice in the Auckland Medical Programme: SAFE DRS and BEYOND

18 September

Dr Lucila Rudge: Nurturing the Wellbeing of Urban Public-School Educators.

23 October

Mike Webster: Leadership for workplace wellbeing

27 November

The State of Play: Arts organisations working towards social justice and wellbeing in Auckland, New Zealand


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