Professional registration for teachers and social workers

Once you have completed your formal qualification with the Faculty of Education and Social Work, you must become formally certified by the Social Workers Registration Board (for social workers) or registered by the Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand (for teachers) in order to legally work as a social worker or teacher in New Zealand.  

How to become a registered social worker

To apply for registration you must:

  • have completed or be enrolled in a recognised New Zealand qualification  or
  • have an overseas equivalent (which has been confirmed by completing a Non-binding assessment) or
  • have enough practical experience to compensate for the lack of a NZ recognised qualification, as per the SWRB Criteria for Section 13 Registration
  • be competent to practise social work, including practising social work with Māori and with different ethnic and cultural groups in New Zealand
  • have enough practical experience in New Zealand
  • be “fit and proper” to practise social work in New Zealand (includes police checks, giving information about any convictions/court orders, your mental/physical condition etc.).

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How to become a registered teacher

To find up-to-date information about becoming a registered teacher, visit the Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand website: