Student associations and clubs

Find out about student associations, services and clubs including the Education and Social Work Student Association, the Student Advice Hub, the Postgraduate Students’ Association and more.

The Education and Social Work Student Association (ESSA)

Run by students for students, the Education and Social Work Student Association provides services and events that cater for the needs and interests of students, and helps develop a culture and community within the faculty.

Student representation

A class rep is a student volunteer who represents the interests of students to the lecturers in charge of their courses.

They provide an important link between students and staff in a department; providing feedback on the courses and any concerns that students raise.

Class reps also communicate with the class and are available to hear students’ concerns about courses, to help them directly or suggest where they could go for help.

To find out who your class rep is, or how to become one, contact the Auckland University Students' Association (AUSA).

Student Advice Hub

This is the place to access AUSA’s free and independent advocacy, welfare and representation services.

We can:

  • Help you understand the university processes for complaints and grievances
  • Support you to address barriers to achieve your academic goals
  • Support you with personal issues including harassment and bullying
  • Provide you with access to financial support
  • Assist you with general legal advice including tenancy and employment

Contact Denise and the Student Advice Hub:
Phone: 09 9237294

The Postgraduate Students’ Association

PGSA is an incorporated society dedicated to strengthening the postgraduate community at the University.

We create and foster a sense of identity and community for all postgraduate students at the University of Auckland and provide an effective voice promoting the distinct and unique academic, professional and social interest of postgraduates within the University and the wider community.

To achieve this we run social events such as the postgraduate orientation and end-of-semester parties.

Find out more about the PGSA

University-wide clubs and societies

With over 200 clubs, societies and associations at the University of Auckland, there's a club for everyone.

Find out how to start a club, join a club or browse clubs and societies.