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We have more than 130 years’ experience as high-quality teacher and professional education specialists and more than 30 years’ experience in social sector research and education.

Find out who we are and what we do at the leading education provider in the country.

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Our faculty consists of eight schools and departments in teacher education, education and social work, human services and counselling.

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Our faculty has a wealth of facilities for use by students, visitors and for hire, including teaching spaces, recreational facilities, tennis courts and more.

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Find out about our commitment to quality teaching, learning support, e-learning, awards, policies, guidelines and strategies for better learning.

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As a leading artistic educational provider in Auckland, we offer in-depth learning opportunities for students and teachers looking to develop their skills.

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Achieving equity in employment and education is crucial to our goal of being New Zealand's leading place to work and study.

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Our professional facilitators provide a range of professional development programmes tailored to meet the needs of schools, kura, their students and teachers.

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