Leading learning

The overarching goal of this theme is the promotion of scholarship and research into teaching and learning at all levels that will make a positive impact on practice and outcomes.

primary students

Research topics within this theme

  • Teacher education, professional development and interventions in learning across all stages of education:
    • ECE
    • The compulsory schooling sector
    • Higher education
  • Inclusive and responsive educational leadership at all learning levels.
  • Instructional and assessment practices that enhance learning and positively influence effective teaching and learning (eg, experiential learning, reflective practice, arts education).
  • Ensuring equitable achievement outcomes.
  • The philosophy, nature and enactment of curricula.
  • Monitoring needs, trends and outcomes of learning.
  • Workforce professional learning and development/on-going capability: the development of professional identity and the establishment, development and sustaining of effective practices in professional settings:
    • Higher education
    • Academic development
    • Learning and Teaching
    • Writing and Communication
  • Responding to government initiatives to enhance teaching and learning (e.g., online learning, STEM).