Anna Tizard - Social worker

A six-month placement at Auckland City Hospital during her Master of Social Work (Professional), helped Anna Tizard land a full-time position as a social worker.

Anna Tizard
Anna Tizard

Key facts

Career: Social worker at Auckland City Hospital
Programme: Master of Social Work (Professional), Bachelor of Arts
Campus: Epsom

“I studied a Master of Social Work (Professional) at the University of Auckland and I’m now working as a fully qualified social worker with the Auckland District Health Board at Auckland City Hospital.

“I have always been interested in the study of people, cultures and societies and I liked the idea of being able to help and advocate for people. I also have a strong passion for human rights.

“It was my Bachelor of Arts (BA) that helped me gain entry into the MSW(Prof). My BA was in History and Sociology and I also took papers in Anthropology.

“I like that the MSW(Prof) is an applied masters degree, which meant I could develop the skills and knowledge from my BA and apply it to a practical profession.

The wonderful thing about working for the Auckland District Health Board is that there are many different opportunities for social work practice, not only inpatient work, but also outpatient and community social work roles.

“My work can vary on the hospital ward. I usually get involved with complex discharge planning, which involves working with patients and their families by assessing risk and making sure they have enough support when they get home. I also help facilitate people going into care.

“I work alongside a multidisciplinary team on the ward. This can include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dieticians, speech language therapists, nurses and the medical team. We all work collectively to ensure a patient is safe and has the support they need.

“As part of my degree, I did my final six-month placement at Auckland City Hospital. During this time I was able to build networks and get to know people in different professions and departments. After I finished my placement I ended up applying and getting a casual position there as a social worker. I then applied for the full-time position that I am currently in.”