Declining, deferring, remaining, and withdrawing from the LLB(Hons)

Frequently asked questions on declining, deferring, remaining, and withdrawing from the LLB(Hons).

Deferring LLB(Hons)

Students cannot defer their LLB(Hons) offer to another year. However, you are welcome to re-apply, but there is no guaranteed admission, and you will need to meet any changes to the admission requirements.

As the Honours seminar is a full-year course, you must have remaining LLB Part IV requirements (includes LAW 498) to complete in Semester Two in the year you are admitted to be eligible for LLB(Hons).

Students undertaking LLB(Hons) later in their degree may have restricted opportunities to go on exchange. Please contact Student Hubs for degree planning advice.

Find more information on LLB(Hons) entry requirements.

Remaining in LLB(Hons) Programme

Students must maintain a minimum LawHons GPA of 6.00 (B+) to graduate with LLB(Hons).
Students’ LawHons GPA is only calculated upon admission and completion of the programme as we know students GPA can dip when taking LLB Part III courses. It’s your responsibility to ensure you meet the LawHons GPA requirement upon completion.

Students who do not meet the minimum LawHons GPA of 6.00 (B+) upon submission of their dissertation will not be eligible to graduate with LLB(Hons) and instead be reverted to the LLB. The LAWHONS 789 enrolment, and the grade, will remain on your academic transcript.

Rounding is permitted to one decimal place in determining the overall GPA (i.e. a minimum of 5.95 is required to graduate with Honours).

Students interested in whether they have maintained their 6.00 LawHons GPA before beginning their dissertation may request a GPA calculation.

Please note, students admitted into Honours prior to 2023, eligibility will be based on your law marks instead of grades. Students must maintain a weighted average of 75 or above to graduate with Honours.

Find information on how is the LawHons GPA is calculated.

Withdrawing from LLB(Hons)

If you change your mind about doing the LLB(Hons) prior to commencing the seminar course (and before the add/drop enrolment deadline) please drop the seminar course by the enrolment deadline. You can then contact Student Hubs so they can advise the next steps to take.

Students who withdraw from LLB(Hons) after having completed the honours seminar may have this counted as a 20-point law elective.

A manual exception needs to be added – please email to apply this.