In order to sit the final exam you must have paid your fees and complied with any other requirement of the course. Attendance at lectures is compulsory for all internally assessed courses, LLB(Hons) seminars, and for students writing a research paper in lieu of an examination. Students must complete the course requirements including compulsory tutorials and the assessment requirements to a satisfactory level (minimum of a pass).

For courses where PILOs (papers in lieu of an examination) are available, the PILO is in lieu of the examination only. All other coursework requirements for the course must be completed. The word limit for the PILO depends on the weighting of the examination for the course. For further information, see PILO. 

Applications to complete a PILO must be submitted by the end of the 4th week of the semester. Application forms are available on our website, visit: Law student forms. 

Students must obtain topic approval in writing from the Course Director prior to submitting the form. 

PILOs are not available during Summer School.

You can request a copy of your exam script if you apply within three months following the end of the exam period. 

You should note:   

  • You will only receive a copy of the answers that you wrote on your exam script.
  • No model answers will be included.
  • Your returned script will not normally show any marker’s comments.
  • The scripts are rarely annotated.
  • Original exam scripts are not returned.

For further information, visit Request your exam script. 

The University does not re-mark exams. You may only request a recount. You can apply for a recount within seven weeks after the last day of the relevant examination period. For further information, see Exam recounts.