Kya Lal

Kya followed her passion for environmental law to specialise on the impact of climate change in the Pacific.

Kya Lal
Kya Lal

Key facts

Programme: Master of Laws
Specialisation: Environmental Law
Career: Barrister

“I absolutely loved the LLM programme. I was able to deeply research topics I was passionate about, and the flexible structure gave me lots of choice in the way I studied. The small class sizes and lecturer to student ratio made for a very supportive learning environment.

“I had always thought about undertaking postgraduate study, and I chose the Auckland Law School because it offered me the best programme for what I wanted to achieve. Through my specialisation, Environmental Law, I was able to focus on the legal impacts and implications of climate change in the Pacific. I loved being able to join my two key research areas under one umbrella.

“I am hoping my qualification will allow me to pursue my dream of working with Pacific communities, countries and governments around the issue of climate change in the Pacific region.

“Another reason I enjoyed my time at Law School was the support network – especially the Pacific Islands Law Students’ Association. It’s an amazing community and I had both mentors and friends within it. There are a lot of support services available to Pacific students.

“A postgraduate law degree gives you the ability to think critically, research deeply and articulate findings. I am very excited about my future career and where my LLM will take me.”