Sasha Daniels

Working professional Sasha completed his Master of Laws part-time and was recognised with a prestigious industry award.

Sasha Daniels

Key facts

Programme: Master of Laws
Specialisation: Corporate and Commercial Law
Career: Senior Counsel at Spark

“I considered that part-time postgraduate study would be a great way to genuinely develop and advance the depth and breadth of my legal knowledge, and that it would provide a great platform and skill-set from which to address many of the complex and novel challenges I face in practice.

“I knew the LLM would challenge me to look at law and address legal challenges in a fresh and innovative way – which I think is important, today more than ever, to the future success of lawyers in this dynamic world. Plus, as a New Zealand-admitted and practicing lawyer who first qualified overseas, I considered that because the Auckland Law School LLM degree is a highly regarded qualification, it would enhance my reputation with New Zealand least in part) the knowledge, skills and mindset that have been developed while engaged in the LLM.”

“Auckland Law School has an outstanding reputation as a leading law school. Combined with its location, close to the heart of Auckland business and legal activity, and the range of courses available, it was the natural choice for further legal study for a practicing Auckland lawyer.

Sasha Daniels

“The lecturers are incredibly knowledgeable and provide fantastic and engaging content. I like the intensive programmes as I am able to really immerse myself in a new field of study for a period and really focus on the content. I also like the alternative of being able to take a class after 5pm throughout the semester, so it can fit in seamlessly with a working day.

“My research focuses on a combination of corporate, commercial and regulatory law. I enjoy the deep insights as well as the key point overviews provided by faculty members and peers with incredible international and domestic experience. They have been instrumental in guiding me towards areas of novel and advanced thinking relevant to my own role, while being able to rely on a sound knowledge of the fundamentals of each area.

“Engaging in postgraduate study has helped me to think more dynamically and apply that mindset to my role. I have recently been named as the recipient of the Asia Pacific Counsel Awards, 2017 Competition Individual of the Year, for which I can certainly credit (at least in part) the knowledge, skills and mindset that have been developed while engaged in the LLM.”