Karen Chow

Karen is a Master of Laws student who balances her legal career with a rich academic journey at the Auckland Law School.

Karen Chow - Master of Laws student
Karen Chow - Master of Laws student

Key facts
Programme: Master of Laws (LLM)
Previous qualifications: BA/BCom Conjoint (2008), LLB(Hons)(2018)
Career: Barrister at Bankside Chambers (Singapore)
Scholarship received: Prime Minister’s Scholarship to Asia, 2017

I value the opportunity to study courses taught intensively by visiting scholars. This way, I get to network with academics from around the world without leaving New Zealand.

Because my work has taken me offshore, I have often had to rely on the programme advisors and remote learning. The lecturers and staff are very helpful and understanding. I feel supported to achieve my academic goals whilst also taking my career to new heights.

Karen Chow

I received a Prime Minister’s Scholarship to do a semester’s exchange in the LLM programme at Peking University in China, which is a great achievement for me.

I practice as a Barrister specialising in international dispute resolution. I have always been interested in optimising how we resolve disputes and was very pleased when the faculty added the option to specialise in Litigation and Dispute Resolution.

I like meeting other students, especially international students, and asking them what dispute resolution is like in their home jurisdiction. I also enjoy researching a complex topic or current issue, and then writing about my research.

I am a Barrister at Bankside Chambers based in Singapore. Prior to this, I was a civil litigator in Auckland, and I helped clients litigate matters in court or resolve their disputes using alternative dispute resolution processes.

My father studied Engineering here in 1954. Studying at The University of Auckland has been something like a family tradition. I am a mum to a little boy who used to go to the university daycare on Alten Road. I hope he will one day come to study at The University of Auckland too.