Study abroad in Spanish

Interested in advancing your Spanish and learning more about the culture? Take a study abroad course and make it a reality.


If you are in your first, second or third year of study, you can take language and culture courses in Spain or Latin America (for a minimum of four weeks intensive study, including 40-60 hours of taught classes per 15 points) under SPANISH 178, 277, 278, 377 or 378.

  • To be eligible for SPANISH 178, you must have a minimum B- grade in SPANISH 104, or equivalent per placement test, transfer credit, etc.
  • To be eligible for SPANISH 277 or 278, you must have a minimum B- grade in SPANISH 105, or equivalent per placement test, transfer credit, etc.
  • To be eligible for SPANISH 377 or 378, you must have a minimum B- grade in SPANISH 201, or equivalent per placement test, transfer credit, etc.


  1. You can apply for a study abroad course if you expect to pass the required language level by the end of the semester prior to the start of study abroad.
  2. Upon arrival at your host institute overseas, you will be given a placement test to determine your level of study.
  3. You may enrol in SPANISH 377 or 378 after passing SPANISH 201 or 319 or 321, with a minimum B- grade. However, if you have already passed SPANISH 377 and/or 378, you may not then enrol in SPANISH 319 and/or 321. This is because there are more diverse levels of ability within the overseas programmes (which include placement tests upon arrival) than in our three-year sequence.

Eligibility to undertake two study abroad courses

Please see the Study Abroad Adviser.

Recommended language and culture course

We approve and recommend the four-week intensive language and culture courses with Cursos Internacionales at Universidad de Salamanca, Spain, and at the Pontificia Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile. You will be given a placement test on arrival overseas for most programmes. All courses passed are credited at The University of Auckland as language courses.

  • Language Study Abroad – Spanish, Spain
  • Language Study Abroad – Spanish, Chile

The programme information is in ViaTRM.


Please ensure that you upload these documents from the overseas institute(s) to your CANVAS course:

  1. Official certificate from the host institution.
  2. The summary in Spanish of work done overseas.
  3. Official notification of overall result obtained.
  4. Essay in Spanish.

Essay in Spanish

Together with the dossier of course work completed overseas, you must submit a written assignment in Spanish, outlining your study and life experience overseas or on a topic agreed in advance with the Study Abroad Adviser. This work will be assessed (on the basis of content and linguistic quality) as part of the final grade.

  • 300-400 words for SPANISH 277
  • 500-600 words for SPANISH 278
  • 700-800 words for SPANISH 377
  • 900-1,000 words for SPANISH 378

Immediately on return

Submit any documentation which have not been or cannot be uploaded in CANVAS for a grade to be assigned. You must return documentation to the Study Abroad Adviser by the end of Study Break and exams or you run the risk of not having your course credited.