Why study a BA

A Bachelor of Arts is about studying society, people, culture and ideas. The more you understand the world, the better you can shape it.

Make a difference to society and discover a range of future pathways with a Bachelor of Arts. BA students are analytical and curious thinkers, equipped with adaptable skills for the fast-changing world of work. 

Benefits of a BA

1. Enjoy flexibility and variety

The BA offers 40 different subjects across the humanities, social sciences, cultures and languages. You have the flexibility to try out a range of these subjects to gain a well-rounded and inter-connected experience. Whether you want to pursue an interest from school or explore a whole new area, a BA gives you that freedom.

2. Dive deep and focus               

Once you’ve explored your options, you choose two subjects for your double majors, developing substantial, advanced knowledge in those two fields. Our BA double major is unique in New Zealand, providing strong focus and academic depth. Certain subjects complement each other well, giving you an enriched learning experience and you can choose a combination with a specific career interest in mind.

3. Future proof your career

The world of work is being transformed through social and economic change, digital disruption  and globalisation. A Bachelor of Arts will help you develop the adaptability and expertise needed to thrive in a future filled with new jobs, changing businesses and emerging career opportunities. You'll develop flexible skills including research, communication, creativity and critical analysis that you can carry across a range of industries.   

4. Get inspired and understand the world

What’s meaningful to you? A BA gives you multiple lenses to explore many different aspects of culture and society. You'll have the opportunity to engage with the critical challenges of today's world, such as social justice and inequities, diversity, globalisation and sustainability.

5. Easy to combine the BA with another degree

The BA’s flexibility makes it easy to study alongside another degree through a conjoint programme. You can take two degrees at the same time and complete them more quickly than if you studied them separately. 

Bachelor of Arts essential information

Timeframe: 3 years to complete        

Majors: Two out of 40 available subjects (chosen by the end of your first year). You’ll also take a range of classes from subjects outside your two majors.

Subject examples include: Criminology, English, History, Languages, Politics, Psychology, Sociology and more. 

Skills include: Creative thinking, communication, critical analysis, research and more.

Career areas include: Business and community development, communications and media, education and teaching, marketing and advertising, museums and cultural heritage, policy and research, and more.