Informatics for Social Services and Wellbeing Data New Zealand




Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment


Barry Milne and Eileen Li


Victoria University of Wellington

Andrew Sporle


Led by Professor Colin Simpson (Victoria University of Wellington), this research aims to:

  • enhance current data platforms that provide nationwide access to a range of large, in-depth datasets containing information on social services;
  • create an enhanced inventory and description of the different data sources available in NZ and associated metadata;
  • develop solutions that encourage data privacy and ethics, data standards and Māori data sovereignty, as well as clarifying legal issues and develop and apply novel data science and analysis approaches.

This programme will help to produce better policy and to enhance delivery of social services in a range of areas. COMPASS's role will be to:

  1. explore and account for linkage bias in IDI linkage;
  2. explore and expand the possibilities of intergenerational data;
  3. provide solutions to data access through use of synthetic data.