About the Public Policy Institute

The Public Policy Institute (PPI) has been established to foster independent, critical research on key policy issues affecting New Zealand, the Asia Pacific, and the global community.

We bring together researchers from across disciplines to create and disseminate evidence-informed, policy-relevant knowledge that speaks to policy agendas, amplifies policy impact, and grows our partnerships with governments, both local and central, as well as non-profits, communities and others engaged in policy research and evaluation in New Zealand and internationally.

The PPI is committed to creating meaningful relationships with Māori to ensure that all aspects of our research, teaching, and external activities support and engage with te Tiriti o Waitangi, acknowledging our responsibilities to support Māori self-determination and development.  

The PPI is also home to the Master of Public Policy, where postgraduate students engage in learning and knowledge exchange with researchers and professionals to address a range of challenging policy questions.

Research themes