Lucian Cernat

Chief Trade Economist of the European Commission

Dr. Lucian Cernat is the Chief Trade Economist of the European Commission. With over 20 years of experience in the trade policy field, he is in charge of economic advice on EU trade policy, influencing over 5 trillion euros of EU trade and investment flows annually. Until 2008, Dr Cernat held various positions at the United Nations in Geneva dealing with trade and development issues. Prior to his UN experience, he was a trade negotiator with the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.He has written extensively on EU trade policy, the development impact of trade policies, WTO negotiations, regional trade agreements, competition policy, and public procurement.

His paper on "Trade Policy Analysis 2.0" was among the top 10 most read economic papers at the end of 2014. Lucian Cernat obtained his PhD from University of Manchester and a postgraduate diploma from Oxford.