Parliamentary member support

Will Matthews came out of his first New Zealand politics lecture with a new passion and a burning desire to work in New Zealand politics.

Key facts

Career: Parliamentary member support
Programme: Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Subjects: Politics and International Relations

"My role is to support a Member of Parliament across all aspects of their work outside of Parliament, including organising events, public engagement initiatives, managing budgets, advertising and communications.

"When I came to university I had no interest whatsoever in the New Zealand political system, and only chose a few politics courses, as I thought they might complement my History major. I came out of my first New Zealand politics lecture with a brand new interest and passion that I never had before and a burning desire to work in New Zealand politics.

"History, Politics, Māori Studies, Sociology and Anthropology courses added new layers to my understanding of the world, of people and of the issues that we face every day as a local, national and international community. That has absolutely underpinned the work I do now in working to engage communities and helping people with their issues.

The most enjoyable part of my role is getting out into the community, whether that’s through a specific community engagement initiative or just meeting different people.

Will Matthews Parliamentary member support

"All those nights spent writing essays taught me how to manage my time, which is vital in any job. Having to memorise all of those names, dates and theories taught me to sweat the small stuff, and drawing them all together in a high-level concept or commentary taught me how to think strategically.

"I came to the University of Auckland's Open Day on a whim. I was really impressed with the campus, I really liked the city and I was excited by all the academic staff who are leaders in their disciplines. There are so many resources here to make the most of.

"Study courses outside of your normal interests, join a club and generally put yourself out there. Study hard but take some time to enjoy all of the new ideas that you're going to hear and the new people that you're going to meet. Explore the university environment and immerse yourself in the campus culture."