PReSS Reimbursement

All University of Auckland doctoral students receive an annual stipend to help cover direct research costs, which is paid into a PReSS account. Learn how to claim reimbursement during your study with us.

Hand holding money

What you need to do

What to include in your reimbursement request

  • the Tax Invoices/Receipts (in readable scanned format)
  • the student’s supervisor approval for expenses
  • the financial summary which can be obtained through Wahapū
  • if required, an approval from Dean (or representative) of Graduate Studies on some expense types (e.g. proofreading)

If you do not have access to Wahapū, email with PReSS financial summary request in the subject heading, and your name and username in the message. The CAI Finance team will arrange a copy of the financial summary for you.

Coding details for Concur

Account Expense Type
Account Code
International Conferences
Domestic Conferences 312772
International Field Trips
Domestic Field Trips 312774
Consumable Supply and Service 312775
Equipment Hire
Photocopying and Printing 312820
  • CAI PReSS department number: 9441
  • Project number will be your student UPI username (e.g. abcd123)


All travel must be booked through the University of Auckland preferred supplier Orbit, including car hire.

Contact Orbit:

Who to contact

School of Graduate Studies: