Postgraduate studies

The School of Learning, Development and Professional Practice makes a strong contribution to education in New Zealand with an outstanding reputation in research, teaching and scholarship.

Our school focuses on teaching and research supervision in the following areas:

  • Educational and social psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Learning, teaching and assessment
  • Gifted education
  • Educational leadership
  • Childhood studies
  • Teacher learning and development
  • The professional practice of teaching

The courses offered in 2023 can be found here.

Our staff have experience and expertise in supervising theses or dissertations using a range of research methodologies (quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods) and methods (e.g. survey research; case study; practitioner inquiry).

Drawing on their contextual knowledge and expertise, staff are able to supervise research projects sited within a broad range of:

  • Educational contexts (e.g. early childhood, primary and secondary education
  • Higher education
  • International Education)
  • Wider community contexts (e.g youthwork, parenting)
  • Doctoral programmes (PhD or EdD)
  • Masters programmes (e.g. MA in Education, M.Ed, M.EdLdr, MProfStuds)
  • Honours programmes (B.Ed (Tchg); BA in Education)

Find a supervisor to learn more about staff interests and expertise.

Our school has two Postgraduate Advisers who can provide advice about:

  • The courses offered within our school
  • The relationship between course work and a proposed research topic
  • Selecting a research topic
  • Selecting a research supervisor(s)