Academic English Language Support and DELNA/EDUCSW 199

The aim of this compulsory course is to ensure you have a good level of academic English.


What is DELNA

DELNA is an assessment which will help you to be successful in your studies. All first-year students do the 30-minute DELNA screening. Some students will need to also complete the DELNA diagnosis. This will identify your strengths and weaknesses in academic English. In a follow-up appointment you will be linked to a Canvas programme which will give you support in the areas needed.

It is important to connect with DELNA early in your studies. Completion of the compulsory course EDUCSW 199 is met through DELNA.

When to do your DELNA screening

Your DELNA screening takes place in one of the computer labs at the Faculty of Education and Social Work during Orientation Week. If you miss it, you will need to book a session online at the city campus.

For many students, completion of this screening is all that is needed. Results are not graded beyond an indication of whether you have completed (CPL) the course. This will appear on your academic record at the end of Semester 2.

At your DELNA appointment

The adviser will go over your results with you and link you to a Canvas course to address any language gaps. After completing the course you need to return for a completion appointment with a DELNA adviser or complete a post-DELNA assessment if required.

Please check with the DELNA team if you have already completed a DELNA screening for another programme at the University of Auckland to see if you require a further screening. The Faculty of Education and Social Work must receive confirmation from DELNA before this requirement is accepted as having been completed.

DELNA follow-up

Following the screening, some students will be required to complete a two-hour diagnosis. This must be booked before the end of the first semester. After completing the diagnosis, you will receive an email asking you to book an appointment with a DELNA advisor.  


To contact our Academic English Language Advisers, please email:

To book a screening or diagnosis session online, click here.