Manukau graduation celebration

The University of Auckland at Manukau programme celebrates its graduating students in an honouring ceremony in May.

May 2021 Honouring Ceremony

May 2019 Honouring Ceremony

Over 250 people took part in a heart-felt Honouring Ceremony for the University of Auckland’s Manukau programme to pay tribute to 2019’s 38 graduands and one honours student.

With Year 3 students Sharon McGrath and James Kaleti as MCs, the evening celebrated the fact that as well as developing excellent teachers the programme also turns out leaders. “Without a doubt they are teachers who have a deep understanding of social justice and equity and have the skillset to educate our students in South Auckland,” said Professional Teaching Fellow, Fetaui Iosefo.

“It was filled with warmth, love, and the feeling of humility and thankfulness. You were reminded that when one person graduates the whole whānau, aiga, kainga and family graduates.”

Memorable moments included: a song composed and sung by Year 3 male students about life on campus; family members flying in from Samoa; and a 92-year old grandmother attending.

May 2018 Honouring Ceremony