CCFR publications


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    The University of Auckland.

Technical reports

  • 2018. Widdowson, D. & Fouché, C. Evaluation of the KidsCan Vulnerable Children’s Pilot Initiative Final Report. KidsCan Charitable Trust.
  • 2015. Widdowson, D. & Dixon, R. Stocktake and Needs Analysis of Child Development Services. Ministry of Health.
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Conference presentations

  • April-May, 2010. Widdowson, D & Dixon, R. Effects of parent involvement in school-based preschool education. Paper presented at the Annual American Educational Research Association Conference, Denver, Colorado, USA.
  • October 2009. Dixon, R.S.,Widdowson, D., Peterson, E., Rubie-Davies, C.
    Expectations: Raising Achievement. Invited presentation. Cognition Institute Research Seminar.
  • August 2008., Rubie Davies,C., Peterson,E.R., Widdowson,D.A.M., & Dixon,R.s.
    Attitude determines altitude: A comparison of what Students, teachers and parents believe motivates students to learn. Invited paper in symposium. 11th International Conference on Motivation, Turku, Finland.
  • March 2008. Widdowson, D.A.M. Genre practices in a third grade class: Children's emergent responses to social situations for composing. Paper presented at the Annual American Educational Research Association Conference, New York, USA.
  • January 2008. Dixon,R.S., Rubie-Davies,C., Widdowson, D.A.M., Irving,S.E.
    'I think I can': Exploring expectations about education and achievement in secondary schools. International Congress of School Effectiveness and Improvement Conference, Auckland. NZ.
  • November 2007. Dixon, R.S. & Knaggs, P., Widdowson, D., Thomas, D.& Fanslow, J. The ultimate collaboration? When commissioners of research become active members of the research team. 13th Annual conference of the United Kingdom, Evaluation Society, Leeds.
  • October 2007. Dixon R.S., Goldson, J., Meagher- Lundberg, P. & Widdowson, D.A.M. "I like it when they have read my card and call me by my name" Children’s views of health and experience of health services. (Poster) NZDHB inaugural conference Wellington.
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