International networks

KERU has developed a number of close ties with international researchers.

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Knowledge in Education (formerly the Social Realism) network

The network has held symposia at Jesus College, Cambridge University since 2008. KERU members began attending in 2013 and have contributed to the 2015, 2017 and 2019 symposia. The network includes growing numbers of academics and PhD candidates from the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong, France, Canada, as well as New Zealand and a number of European countries. The symposia have led to books and journal editions (see KERU publications list for details), to international collaborations and to significant advances in ideas about knowledge, learning, and teaching.

Collaboration with the Sheffield Institute of Education (SIOE), Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom.

The collaboration is exploring knowledge-based approaches to the curriculum and learning. Since 2015 the universities have built a sound research collaboration through ongoing knowledge exchange activities. These include symposia by Richard Pountney (SIOE) in Auckland and by KERU’s Graham McPhail and Elizabeth Rata in Sheffield. The co-authored papers and co-research projects in United Kingdom and New Zealand schools have been generative and contribute to the model for teacher professional development which is being used with pre-service and practising teachers in England and New Zealand.