Careers in Education outside of teaching

Benefit from the broad range of career opportunities available by studying Education as a subject.

Study education without becoming a teacher

Teaching isn’t the only way you can make a difference in the world of children! If you’re interested in a career in the education sector but don’t feel the call to be a teacher, check out our non-teaching education degrees.

For those interested in early childhood, try our Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies. You’ll complete practical placements each year in early childhood and other educational settings that will allow you to explore areas of interest while you refine and develop relevant professional skills. The BECSt encompasses a broad study of early childhood education and social contexts relevant for students from birth to eight years of age and is an excellent foundation degree which will prepare you for a career in a range of educational settings and in policy and leadership roles in New Zealand and overseas.

Another option for those who would like to gain a broad understanding of Education, how people learn and educational psychology without teaching is through the Bachelor of Arts majoring in Education. The broadness and flexibility of this degree opens a variety of career paths and allows you to follow your specific areas of interest or passion.

Education is a broad sector and by graduating with a degree that encompasses a wide range of subjects, you will be equipped to go into a diverse range of roles. You could work in government, tourism, marketing, policy or human resources – there are many options to explore. 

Daniel’s story

Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly

After graduating from the Bachelor of Education (Teaching), Daniel had some reservations about going straight into teaching. When he was offered a non-teaching role working with children, he realised how many transferable skills he had gained from his degree.