Careers in Education

Benefit from the broad range of career opportunities available by studying Education as a subject.

Study education without becoming a teacher

Are you interested in a career in education but don’t necessarily want to become a teacher? By studying Education as major within a Bachelor of Arts through the Education in the Liberal Arts programme, you will open up a variety of career paths.

Education is a broad sector and by graduating with a degree that encompasses a wide range of subjects, you will be equipped to go into a diverse range of roles. You could work in government, tourism, marketing, policy or human resources – there are many options to explore.

The Education in the Liberal Arts programme (a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Education) opens up a variety of career paths. Courses cover theory and research across multiple areas:

  • Effective teaching
  • Child and adolescent development
  • Gender and education
  • Māori education
  • Pacific education
  • Adult education

Job options

Education is a broad sector and you can work in education-based services or in educational roles in other organisations. Career options include:

  • Management
  • Administration
  • Government or NGO roles
  • Diplomatic service
  • Tourism
  • Media, advertising and publishing
  • Human resources
  • Policy analysis
  • Information management
  • Social services
  • Translation services

Job options (postgraduate)

With further postgraduate study, education graduates have built a range of successful careers, including:

  • Education planning (in New Zealand or overseas)
  • Educational psychologists
  • Human resources and personnel work
  • Marae-based training
  • Educational research in government agencies
  • Teaching and leadership positions (polytechnics and universities)

To see our complete list of Education in the Liberal Arts degrees, visit Programmes in the Liberal Arts.

Melanie’s story

Melanie Fisher
Melanie Fisher

Read about how a BA double majoring in Education and Sociology helped equip Melanie Fisher for a job as a people and organisation coordinator at Mars New Zealand.

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Combine liberal arts with teaching

If teaching interests you, there are one-year graduate programmes that you can add to your Bachelor of Arts to become a qualified teacher: