Roberto McLeay - Youth counsellor

The Master of Counselling has taken Roberto McLeay’s professional counselling career to a whole new level.

Roberto McLeay: Master of Counselling graduate

Key facts

Career: Youth counsellor at the Bays Youth Community Trust
Programme: Master of Counselling
Campus: Epsom

“I’ve always been incredibly passionate about helping people. After seven years in the teaching profession, I decided to pursue my lifelong dream of being a counsellor.

“I decided to study at the University of Auckland because I was incredibly impressed with the qualifications and high calibre of the faculty staff, as well as their high level of experience in counselling.

“The structure of the programme is clear and offers such a diverse range of opportunities for growth and learning. The options for how to study are also incredibly flexible around work and life, which allows me to maintain a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle.

“Counselling Process stood out as being one of my most enjoyable courses. I learned about the ins and outs of counselling, as well as different counselling techniques. I loved the blend of theoretical knowledge, professional wisdom, demonstrations, conversations, practice and guest speakers that really challenged and grew my knowledge. The learning was so rich that after every single class I came away more inspired, excited and motivated about my studies.

“The Master of Counselling has taken my professional career of counselling to a whole new level. It allowed me to reflect in depth on my practice and assess my direction. It also opened up my mind to research and my life to even more possibilities in the future for helping others and making a difference.”