Rebecca Webster - Lecturer and Health and Development Coach

The Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Supervision was an opportunity to develop Rebecca's skills in building relationships, holding robust conversations and being a leader.

Rebecca Webster: Postgraduate Clinical professional supervision student

“My work is all about helping people to reach their potential, so creating productive relationships, leading others and understanding people are all crucial skills. The Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Supervision has allowed me to build on these areas while developing connections and boosting my confidence.

“I’m a lecturer for a nursing programme and my teaching is around how we understand ourselves and others. I also work in a coaching and development capacity, assisting individuals and teams to recognise their potential and develop healthy and productive personal and professional relationships. I love working with people and helping them to grasp new concepts, develop their emotional intelligence and be the best they can be.

“I knew the University of Auckland was a great place to study because it’s where I had completed my undergraduate degree. The Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Supervision has given me a deeper insight into my teaching content and provided me with more resources for my lecturing role.

“The programme has helped me to hold more robust conversations and consider dynamics that I may have previously overlooked. I have developed my skills in assisting people to discover their own development journeys and I’m more equipped to have challenging conversations.

“The best part of the programme was the excellent facilitation and expertise of the lecturers. I learnt a lot from my fellow students through interactive exercises and developed quickly through helpful feedback from my lecturers.

“The flexibility and format of classes make the certificate very manageable for full-time workers – I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to develop in supervision, management or coaching roles.”