Ash Cole - Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary)

Ash Cole decided to switch to a career in teaching and found herself feeling more fulfilled, inspired and creative.

“I decided to reconsider my career path after finding myself unchallenged, uninspired and lacking a creative outlet in my marketing job. Teaching is always something I had been drawn to because I have a passion for education, lifelong learning and helping others.

“I took a leap of faith and visited a local primary school to observe a class. I finished the day with a full heart and realised that teaching made me feel fulfilled whilst re-engaging my creativity. I decided to become a teacher to help cultivate a love of lifelong learning within students by guiding, learning and growing alongside them.

“I chose the Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary) at the University of Auckland for its location and reputation for providing challenging yet quality education. Having the opportunity to be in various classrooms, engaging with a variety of curricular and working collaboratively with colleagues and educators has been a highlight of the programme.

The Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary) programme has cemented my passion for education and re-ignited my creativity.

Ash Cole

“Working with a wide range of diverse students has not only challenged me but also inspired and impacted me in ways that I never thought it would. Our ākonga (students) come equipped with a toolbelt of knowledge, experiences and skills. As educators we’re privileged to be able to develop relationships and connections with each of them as we inspire, guide and support a new generation of learners, to love learning.

“I’ve loved working with like-minded educators who are equally as passionate about educating students to become successful, inspiring future citizens. It truly makes the school environment such an inspiring, supportive and welcoming place to be.

“I’d recommend the Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary) to anyone with an interest or passion for education, life-long learning, having fun, helping, inspiring and working with others, fostering relationships or facing and solving challenges – this profession is for you!”

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