Ashika Singh – Early Childhood Education

Ashika Singh has always had a passion for teaching, but it was the arrival of her own children that inspired her to pursue a pathway of study to accomplish her dream.

Portrait of Ashika Singh

Her motivation came from a day spent with her son at his early childhood centre where the children were learning about dinosaurs.

“I still remember when my son was three years old; he taught me the name of the dinosaur, Triceratops. He even asked his teacher to create a volcanic eruption. It was a new journey of discovery for me; to walk in the sandpit, draw dinosaurs, feed dinosaurs, and bathe the dinosaurs with my son. I was fascinated by his interest in the play, and it made me wonder about how fast young minds can develop and learn.”

While the first semester of study was challenging for Ashika, juggling practicum, assignments and family life, by the second semester things started to fit into place.

“I believed in myself and was determined to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Ashika particularly enjoyed the practicums where she felt she learnt the most.

“Seeing how competent the young children were throughout the practicums was magnificent. I have learnt from my own experience and studying that if I simply do things for the children, I am taking a learning opportunity away from them.”

Ashika did the course readings to enhance her skills and stay current with teaching standards and the curriculum.

“For example, before studying, I did not know that play was integral to early childhood education. Every opportunity, including play, should be a chance for children to evolve. As I continue my journey, I can’t wait to apply these things I have learnt.

I have
accepted a permanent teaching role at Aro Arataki. I did my last practicum
there and have established a rapport with the parents, children, and
experienced staff. I’m so looking forward to working there and developing
myself as a teacher.

Ashika Singh

“The teaching team at the University of Auckland was such an enthusiastic team of experts who obviously love teaching. I believe in quality education and engaging with the university environment, along with support from lecturers has set my foundational skills.

“My proudest moment was when I finished my studies in December; my husband and my children said, ‘Well done, we’re so proud of you! Your hard work has paid off!’ Now, I am prepared and can’t wait to start teaching this year. My heartfelt thanks to all the lecturers and staff, without them I wouldn’t have accomplished this next step in my teaching career.”