Brogan Samuels - Secondary, Teacher Education in Schools Programme

After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree at UoA, Brogan Samuels decided he wanted to use the skills he had learnt to give back to his community and inspire young people to reach their full potential – a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) was the perfect fit and being a part of the Teacher Education in Schools Progamme, Brogan was able to get real-world classroom experience straight away.

“Studying via the online option allowed me the flexibility to complete my Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) remotely at times that suited my schedule while simultaneously completing my Teacher Education in Schools practicum placement.”

The Teacher Education in Schools program is a unique experience that places students in host schools for the entire school year, while at the same time allowing them to gain a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) qualification.

I have been fortunate enough to have been matched with Tangaroa College as my host school this year and the experience has been nothing short of inspirational. The school faculty, in particular the Social Sciences department where I am placed have embraced having a Pre-Service Teacher shadow their teaching practice and have taught me the skills needed to hit the ground running once I graduate.

Brogan Samuels, Teacher Education in Schools Programme

“Getting to know the students and see them flourish, in particular those in my History and Social Studies class, has certainly cemented my decision to pursue a career in the teaching profession.”

Brogan notes that being the newcomer to a school, whether that be as a student, or a teacher is always a nerve-racking experience. Further compounded for a student-teacher in a secondary school by the fact that you’re responsible for interacting with and teaching teenagers.

“Despite this, the biggest highlight for me would certainly have to be in my Year 13 History class. I have had the honour and privilege of seeing my students utilise the skills and tools I’ve taught them, to complete their assignments and achieve grades, many once never thought possible.

“The joy that these students have experienced at the realisation that they achieved Merit and Excellence grades through their own hard work has been a fulfilling experience for me and solidified that notion that students can achieve whatever they set their sights on, if given the right resources to do so.”

For Brogan, his first year of teaching has been an inspirational journey filled with a multitude of learning experiences.

“Teaching is a career that requires your energy and effort like no other. While there have been challenging times, I have used these experiences as a learning opportunity to develop my teaching practice and better prepare my teaching ‘toolkit’. I have had many fruitful interactions with my classes, and I am grateful that I have had an amazing first year of teaching, so far.”

Brogan says the Teacher Education in Schools program has helped him prepare me a career in teaching by allowing him the opportunity to be in a host school full-time, building meaningful, respectful, and engaging relationships with his colleagues and students.

“It might sound cliché, but the best part about being a teacher truly is seeing your students flourish, excel, and achieve their full potential. If you can be that bridge between knowledge and achievement, then you can inspire our future leaders to become whatever it is they choose to be. The sky is truly the limit when you give the students the right tools and skills to succeed.

“My advice to those thinking of becoming a teacher is, if you have a passion for seeing those around you succeed and utilise what you’ve taught them in a meaningful, impactful way, then look no further as teaching is for you. The fulfilment you will get from seeing your students achieve their goals is irreplaceable and reminds you every day of your greater purpose as an educator.”