Robert Tuli - Primary school teacher

Robert Tuli’s Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Primary specialisation helped prepare him mentally and emotionally to support young students in their learning.

Robert Tuli in a classroom with his students playing on the background

“I chose the University of Auckland at Manukau programme as it had a great reputation and it was close for me to travel.

“The aspect of studying I most enjoyed was the environment I was in. The Manukau campus is small, which makes it unique in the way that students are able to connect with lecturers and other students. This was really useful when I needed help with assignments or preparation for exams. Lecturers and staff at the campus were of great help and were easy to communicate with.

“I liked the practical activities that the programme had to offer as it allowed us to put theory into practice and we could see what we had learnt in the lectures, in action. I also found the on-campus library really useful as it was a place I could go when I needed time to quietly study or reflect.

“Currently I am a beginning teacher at Baverstock Oaks Primary School. Completing the Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Primary specialisation prepared me mentally and emotionally to scaffold young students in their learning.

“I have found my passion as a teacher in preparing students for cultural performing arts events. It gives me joy to create an exciting journey with learners in order to help them get to their desired destinations. I am proud when students achieve their goals. Knowing I have inspired them to get there is a great feeling.

“I am hoping my qualification will lead me to leadership roles within the profession, which will eventually open the door to my goal of becoming a primary school principal.”