Law student exchange

Complete part of your degree in other Universities while earning credits towards your University of Auckland Law degree.

Visit 360 International for all information on:

  • Eligibility
  • Fees
  • Scholarships
  • How to apply
  • What to do after coming back
  • Link to via TRM
  • General information
  • Credit
  • Costs

When you go abroad

  • You have finished your compulsory subjects
  • You can go for a semester (or two)
  • You remain enrolled at the University of Auckland 
  • You continue to pay tuition fees at the University of Auckland, not to the partner institution

Benefits to Law students

  • Experiencing a different culture will broaden your horizons
  • Increase your cultural awareness
  • Develop a much more international outlook
  • Help you to become more flexible and adaptable in your work and study
  • Chance to develop lasting international friendships and business links
  • Study subjects not covered at the University of Auckland
  • Gain a comparative perspective on NZ law

Where can Law students go?

Review the Exchange Partner page for the most up to date list of partners, and to review the Exchange Partner Fact Sheets.

Exchange Partner page

  1. Aarhus University, Denmark
  2. Bucerius Law School, Germany
  3. Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
  4. ESADE Law School, Spain
  5. Ghent University, Belgium
  6. Indiana University, USA
  7. Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, France
  8. Keio University, Japan
  9. King's College London, UK
  10. KU Leuven, Belgium
  11. Lund University, Sweden
  12. National University of Singapore, Singapore
  13. Newcastle University, UK
  14. Peking University, China
  15. Queen Mary University of London, UK
  16. Stockholm University, Sweden
  17. Tilburg University, Netherlands
  18. Tsinghua University, China
  19. University College Dublin, Ireland
  20. University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  21. University of Arizona, USA
  22. University of Bergen, Norway
  23. University of British Columbia, Canada
  24. University of Cambridge, UK
  25. University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  26. University of Glasgow, UK
  27. University of Hong Kong, China
  28. University of Leeds, UK
  29. University of Melbourne, Australia
  30. University of Nottingham, UK
  31. University of Oslo, Norway
  32. University of Toronto, Canada
  33. University of Virginia, USA
  34. Western University, Canada
  35. Uppsala University, Sweden
  36. Utrecht University, Netherlands
  37.  O P Jindal, India

How to apply

  1. Review the eligibility requirements and application process for the 360 International Semester Exchange Programme. Please see Eligibility and timing and How to Apply
  2. Research your host university options and ensure you carefully review the exchange partner university fact sheets
  3. Submit your application to 360 International on Via TRM by the relevant deadline.
  4. Complete your Course Approval Form once you have received a nomination offer from 360 International for a specific partner university. For more information, please see Supporting documentation.


Students participating in the exchange programme benefit from paying University of Auckland tuition fees while abroad, and if you usually use StudyLink for loans and allowances, these are portable as well. All additional costs, including travel, insurance, accommodation, and personal living expenses are to be covered by the student, unless otherwise supported by an award or scholarship.

Funding available includes:

  • 360 International Exchange Awards
  • 360 International Award for Māori and Pacific Students   
  • 360 International Award for Equity Students
  • Prime Minister’s Scholarships for Asia (PMSA) and Latin America (PMSLA)
  • Friends of the University of Auckland US/NZ Exchange Award
  • Host country/partner university scholarships

For more information, please visit 360 International Funding.