PReSS accounts and stipends

Arts doctoral students receive a PReSS account to cover research expenses, an additional stipend, and a photocopying and printing credit.

PReSS accounts

All University of Auckland doctoral students receive an annual stipend to help cover direct research costs, which is paid into a PReSS account. Funding is credited on an annual basis for up to four years full-time (or pro-rata for part-time).

Additional $350 stipend for Arts doctoral students

An additional stipend of up to a maximum of $350 per annum (pro-rata for part time) will be credited by way of a reimbursement on actual spend to your PReSS account, at the end of the calendar year. If there is no expenditure in your PReSS account during the year, no credit will be applied.

For additional information on PReSS accounts, you can read the PReSS account policy and procedures.

Migration to Wahapū or new PhD statute

If you have been migrated to Wahapū or you started under the new PhD statute, you can check your allocations and balance in the dedicated section in your Wahapū home > Thesis Page > PReSS.

We suggest that you submit all of your PReSS expenditure approval requests individually through Wahapū so you can keep your approvals in one place.

When you are ready to process the reimbursement via Concur you can take screenshots of the approval page in Wahapū (the one with the details of the various approval stages and where the approval comment from the SGS adviser is visible).

Reimbursement from PReSS accounts

You can make an online claim for reimbursement from your PReSS account using Concur. The student must first complete the following steps to access the University’s expense reimbursement system - Concur.

Postgraduate/PhD students need to:

  1.  Log into Student Services Online
  2.  Go to the Personal Bank Account section
  3.  Enter the NZ bank account into which the payment will be deposited

NB: Access is automatically granted to Concur within two business days, subject to bank account details entered by 6pm.

Please note that for Arts PhDs, the codes for PReSS reimbursement are:

  • Department for Arts PReSS Accounts (cost centre code): 9442
  • Project: If charging to PReSS account, then enter your UPI (in your university email, the text that precedes the

Printing and photocopying credit

Currently enrolled PhD students in Arts will receive $120 per annum as a print and photocopy credit, based on enrolment status (pro-rata for part-time students). Credit will be applied in early January. You are not required to apply for this credit.


If you have any questions about PReSS accounts, you can contact