Travel booking

How to book travel for your doctoral study through Orbit.

How to make a travel booking

  • Go to the Travel Platform.
  • Click on 'Profiles' on the left menu to check your profile details are correct, including your primary business unit/department (do this before you arrange your first travel booking).
  • Click on 'Request' > 'New request', then fill in the template to request your booking. This request is sent to Orbit who will then provide you with travel options.
  • For detailed instructions on how to request a booking, read the user guides (accessed via 'Policy info' > 'User guides' on the menu to the left).
  • Once you get final confirmation from Orbit, submit that to the Staff Service Centre.
    • Service: Shared Transaction Centre (STC)
    • Topic: Request to purchase
    • Sub-topic: Travel
    • Sub-topic: Travel Request
  • Press continue.
  • Enter these details:
    • Booking number (found in the booking confirmation)
    • Cost centre to be charged: 9442 for PreSS account
    • Project code: Enter your username
    • Account code: 312771 for an international conference, 312772 for a domestic conference, 312773 for an international field trip, and 312774 for a domestic field trip
    • Department/Faculty: Arts
    • Is the delegated approver also the approver?: Write no
    • Physical address: Your address
    • Details section: Request STC to process your travel booking
  • Attach the confirmed itinerary provided by Orbit, and any other supporting emails or documents. If you are booking this travel from your PReSS account, then also attach your supervisor's approval.
  • Press submit.
  • You can also request a quote from Orbit via email or phone.