Travel booking

How to book travel for your doctoral study through Orbit. You can make your own live booking using Orbit Online, or request to book with an Orbit consultant using Orbit Request. Both systems are accessed via the Orbit Travel Portal.

How to make a booking through Orbit Online

Orbit Online offers lower booking fees compared to other platforms.

How to make a travel booking through Orbit Request

  • Go to the Travel Platform.
  • Click on 'Profiles' on the left menu to check your profile details are correct, including your primary business unit/department (do this before you arrange your first travel booking).
  • Click on 'Request' > 'New request', then fill in the template to request your booking. This request is sent to Orbit who will then provide you with travel options.
  • For detailed instructions on how to request a booking, read the user guides (accessed via 'Policy info' > 'User guides' on the menu to the left).
  • Once you get final confirmation from Orbit, submit a travel request through the Staff Service Centre:
    • Service: Shared Transaction Centre (STC)
    • Topic: Request to purchase
    • Sub-topic: Travel purchase request
    • Sub-topic: Travel request
  • Press continue.
  • Enter these details:
    • Booking number (found in the booking confirmation)
    • Cost centre to be charged: 9442 for PReSS account
    • Project code: Enter your username
    • Account code: 312771 for an international conference, 312772 for a domestic conference, 312773 for an international field trip, and 312774 for a domestic field trip
    • Department/Faculty: Arts
  • Attach the confirmed itinerary provided by Orbit, and any other supporting emails or documents. If you are booking this travel from your PReSS account, then also attach your supervisor's approval. Be sure to include the usernames of the financial approvers and line managers of your school toward the end of the form:
    • Cultures, Languages and Linguistics:
      • Financial approver: Nina Mamnani (nmam001)
      • Line manager: Martin East (meas014)
    • Humanities:
      • Financial approver: Sabrina Schulte (ssch487)
      • Line manager: Kim Phillips (kphi025)
    • Social Sciences: 
      • Financial approver: Sabrina Schulte (ssch487)
      • Line manager: Katherine Smits (ksmi106)
    • Te Wānanga o Waipapa:
      • Financial approver: Sabrina Schulte (ssch487)
      • Māori Studies line manager: Tracey McIntosh (tmci005)
      • Pacific Studies line manager: Lisa Uperesa (lupe001)
  • Press submit.
  • You can also request a quote from Orbit via email or phone.

Training and assistance with Orbit Travel Portal is avaliable for free and can be done in-person or online via Teams. Please email Orbit Travel to organise a meeting.