A modelling tool to improve the policy response on issues concerning children and young people




Foundation for Research, Science, and Technology


Peter Davis (Principal Investigator), Roy Lay-Yee, Janet Pearson, Oliver Mannion, Barry Milne, Karl Parker, Martin von Randow, Jessica McLay


University of Auckland: Tracey McIntosh, Louise Humpage

International Advisory Group


The aim of this project was to construct a computer-based simulation model as a decision-support tool for policymaking. This entailed building a model with microdata from existing longitudinal studies, to quantify, for policy purposes, the underlying drivers and determinants of progress in the early life-course.

The microsimulation model was released in a package we called JAMSIM (JAva MicroSIMulation), developed by our computer programmer, Oliver Mannion, an application for the execution, manipulation, and interrogation of microsimulation models by non-technical policy-orientated users. JAMSIM combined R to run the statistical models, and an agent-based modelling graphical tool using Java, Ascape. The basic source code of JAMSIM is now available through Github.



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