The Research Centre for Germanic Connections with New Zealand and the Pacific is a vibrant research institution. Our members are known nationally and internationally for the quality of their publications.

Germanica Pacifica

The Research Centre has an academic monograph series entitled Germanica Pacifica, published by Peter Lang International Academic Publishers, Berlin.

The Germanica Pacifica series editors are Emeritus Professor James Bade and Dr Nicole Perry. They are assisted by an editorial board, which consists of Dr James Braund (University of Auckland), Dr Rodney Fisher (University of Canterbury), Dr Richard Millington (Victoria University of Wellington), Dr Margaret Sutherland (Victoria University of Wellington) and Dr Friedrich Voit (University of Auckland).

  • Evelyn Wareham: Race and Realpolitik: The Politics of Colonisation in German Samoa (2002)
  • Helen Baumer: One-Way Ticket to New Zealand: Swiss Immigration After the Second World War (2003)
  • James N. Bade: Von Luckner: A Reassessment: Count Felix von Luckner in New Zealand and the South Pacific 1917-1919 and 1938 (2004)
  • Christine Winter and Emily Turner-Graham (eds.): National Socialism in Oceania (2010)
  • Otti Binswanger: ‘And how do you like this country?’ Stories of New Zealand, edited by Friedrich Voit with an essay on the author by Livia Käthe Wittmann (2010)
  • Emily Turner-Graham: ‘Never forget that you are a German’: Die Brücke, ‘Deutschtum’ and National Socialism in Interwar Australia (2011)
  • Margaret Sutherland: One Artist on five Continents: The Life of Elisabet Delbrück (2011)
  • James N. Bade (ed.), with the assistance of James Braund, Alexandra Jespersen, and Nicola Pienaar: Karl Hanssen’s Samoan War Diaries August 1914-May 1915: A German Perspective on New Zealand’s Military Occupation of German Samoa (2011)
  • Christine Winter: Looking after One’s Own: the Rise of Nationalism, and the politics of the Neuendettelsauer Mission in Germany, New Guinea and Australia (1927-1933) (2012)
  • James Braund (ed.): Ferdinand Hochstetter and the Contribution of German-Speaking Scientists to New Zealand Natural History in the Nineteenth Century (2012)
  • Andrew G. Bonnell and Rebecca Vonhoff (eds.): Germans in Queensland: 150 Years (2012)
  • Howes, Hilary Susan, The Race Question in Oceania: A. B. Meyer and Otto Finsch between Metropolitan Theory and Field Experience, 1865-1914 (2013)
  • James N. Bade, Germans in Tonga. Frankfurt a. M.: Peter Lang. (2014)
  • Friedrich Voit, Eine Wiederbegegnung im neuseeländischen Exil: Der Briefwechsel von Karl Wolfskehl mit Otti und Paul Binswanger, 1939-1948 (2014)
  • James N. Bade (ed.): Karl Hanssen’s Memoirs of his Wartime Experiences in Samoa and New Zealand 1915-1916 (2016)
  • Joan Waldvogel: Swiss Settlers in New Zealand: A History of Swiss Immigration to New Zealand (2018)
  • James N. Bade (ed.): Frida Peemüller’s Memoirs of German Samoa 1910-1920 (2022).


Germanica Pacifica Studies

The Research Centre also publishes an academic series for shorter monographs, Germanica Pacifica Studies.

The series editor for Germanica Pacifica Studies is Emeritus Professor James Bade, who is assisted by an editorial board consisting of Dr James Braund, Dr Nicole Perry and Dr Friedrich Voit.

Three volumes in this series have appeared:

Working Papers Series

The Research Centre also has a working paper series, intended as an opportunity for the best University of Auckland students working in this area to publish their research. The editorial board for the series is Emeritus Professor James Bade, Dr James Braund, Dr Nicole Perry and Dr Friedrich Voit.

The following numbers in the Centre's Working Paper Series have appeared:

  • No. 1, Deborah Wood, German Voices in the Council Chamber: The Stories of three German Jewish Migrants and their Contribution to New Zealand Politics, 2002.
  • No. 2, Anne Morrell, Wiremu Toetoe Tumohe and Te Hemera Rerehau Paraone: Two Maori in Vienna, 2002.
  • No. 3, Sascha Nolden, Austrian Architects in New Zealand, 2004.
  • No. 4, Michael Porteous, The Pukekohe Detention Centre for German Evacuees from Tonga 1942-1945, 2004.
  • No. 5, Sven Mönter, The Sonnenorden: A Cultural-Historical Case Study of German Colonists in the Pacific, 2005.
  • No. 6, Leilani Burgoyne, "Going 'Troppo' in the South Pacific: Dr Bernhard Funk of Samoa 1844-1911", 2007, 37pp.
  • No. 7, German Perspectives on New Zealand and the Pacific from the Eighteenth Century to the Present Day: Four Research Essays, edited by Richard Bade, 2012. This volume contains the following essays: “Georg Wilhelm Steller (1709-1746)”, by Nadya Berova; “Heaphy vs. Hochstetter: Controversy vs. Legacy”, by Carmia Schoeman; “‘Opfer der Civilisation’: German Newspapers’ Accounts of the New Zealand Land Wars 1860-80”, by Grace Abbott; and “Voluntary Environmental Migration from Germany to New Zealand”, by Matthew Calvert. (ISSN 1175-7337 / ISBN 0-9582345-9-0).