Co-Creating Sustainable Societies

Including 'Wellbeing and equality across generations' and 'Liveability, ecology and infrastructure'

Wellbeing across generations

Liveability, ecology and infrastructure

Disaster Response and Risk Management Research Hub

Disaster response is a multifaceted area that often involves speed in decision-making. Such decision-making is likely to be more effective when it is research-informed and technically feasible. The formation of a Disaster Response and Risk Reduction Resource Hub at the University of Auckland provides a platform that can amalgamate research expertise from multiple disciplines. The hub includes engineering expertise (e.g. infrastructure safety, technology), public health expertise (e.g. preventative medical interventions, emergency treatment), education and training expertise (e.g. frontline staff capacity building), communications expertise (e.g. public understanding of risk adaptation and response, media communications), social science expertise (to address inequities in disaster responses), social psychology expertise (to inform post-disaster support), legal expertise (e.g. to address legal issues such as liability risk, post-disaster legislative changes) and policy expertise (e.g. preparing national guidelines and prevention frameworks).

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