Deciding what to study

There’s a lot to figure out when it comes to your study options and finding what fits your interests and career plans. Check out the three different bachelors degrees offered by the Faculty of Arts.

What are your options?

Bachelor of Arts

Studying society, people, culture, and ideas. This degree offers the widest range of subjects to explore your interests and equips you with adaptable career skills for the fast-changing work world, including creative thinking, communication, research, and critical analysis.

Bachelor of Communication

Learning how communication works and preparing for a career in the communications field. This degree offers a more specialised path, helping you develop skills in writing, public speaking, creative strategy, and cultural competency. 

Bachelor of Global Studies

Developing the knowledge and skills to understand global issues and tackle them creatively. This degree prepares you to make a difference in the world through careers involving leadership, problem-solving, research and intercultural communication. Global Studies includes classes from Arts, Business, Creative Arts and Industries, Engineering, Law and Science. 

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How it all works

What's involved Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Communication* Bachelor of Global Studies
Time 3 years 3 years 3 years 



Two out of
40 available subjects, including:




Languages (Chinese, French, Korean, Spanish, and more) 




One out of three
available subjects:

Communication and Social Change

Communication and Technology

Communication in Leadership      

One out of four available subjects:

Global Environment and Sustainable Development

Global Politics and Human Rights

International Relations and Business

Transnational Cultures and Creative Practice 

  You can take a range of classes from the subjects outside your two majors You can take a range of classes from the subjects outside your major You can take a range of classes from the subjects outside your major
Career areas 

Business and
community development

communications and advertising

Education and


Museums and
cultural heritage

Policy and

Research and policy 

and media

Content production

Digital communications

Marketing and advertising


Public relations


Business consultancy


and media

Human rights

development and trade


Policy and analysis

The Bachelor of Communication is being offered for the first time in Semester One, 2022.  

Conjoint option: All three options can be studied alongside another degree, either with each other or a degree from another faculty. For example, Arts and Law, Arts and Global Studies, Communication and Commerce, Communication and Global Studies, Global Studies and Science.

Find out more about conjoint degrees.  

What’s life like in the Faculty of Arts?

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Elloise Jenning
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Thomas Campbell 
BA student Thomas Campbell talks about his media internship experience.

Zak Devey
The opportunities in the BA have allowed Zak to pursue a range of projects and passions. 

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