People and capability graduate

Daniel Haines’s critical thinking skills gave him a significant advantage in his role as part of the Auckland Council graduate programme.

Daniel Haines

Key facts

Career: People and Capability graduate
Programme: Bachelor of Arts
Subjects: History, International Relations

"I’m a part of the Auckland Council graduate programme ‘Graduate People and Capability and Governance at Auckland Council.’

"The graduate programme is an accelerated learning opportunity designed to expose clever young people to as much of the organisation as possible.

"Currently I oversee the Auckland Council performance framework called ‘My Time.’ It’s the way that employees lead their own career conversations to enable growth, development and recognition. This involves a number of activities that drive performance such as goal setting, team plan creation, real-time recognition and coaching conversations.

"An Arts degree taught me ways of thinking that give me a significant advantage in the workplace.

"The value of an Arts degree is in the tools that you gain that allow you to critically engage with ideas. It also teaches you how to work under pressure, meet deadlines, research, write, collaborate and undertake your own learning.

"The thing that will distinguish you as a graduate is the portfolio of experiences that you have developed over your time at university. By talking to people, drinking in rich experiences and pushing your own boundaries, you will change your life.

"Every day you spend at university is another learning and development opportunity and it allows you to grow as a person."