Policy analyst

A Master of Public Policy armed Natalia Tropotova with the report writing, teamwork and strategic thinking skills to excel as a policy analyst at Auckland Council.


Key facts

Career: Policy analyst
Programme: Master of Public Policy

“I am currently working as a Policy Analyst at Auckland Council in the Chief Planning Office Division of Community and Social Policy Department in Parks and Recreation Policy.

“This role involves working in a team that provides advice to Local Boards and others in the areas of community policy and parks and recreation policy.

“Policy development and planning across these areas focuses on both specific local needs and region-wide work, in accordance with Auckland Council’s priorities and objectives. This role works closely with other teams within the Community and Social Policy unit and contributes to region-wide policy and planning projects as required.

“My team and I are currently working on the Golf Facilities Investment Plan, the main purpose of which is to review performance of the Council’s investment in golf and to set out the Council’s position on the provision of golf across Auckland.

“One of my favourite parts of my job is the opportunity to work independently as well as to work with a team, various stakeholders and external colleagues. It’s so great to work with people who care about their company and work hard everyday to make Auckland an even better place to live in.

“I love my job, because I know that we are making a real difference to Aucklanders’ everyday lives. We are involved in a number of important and interesting projects that are designed to make Auckland the most liveable city in the near future.

“During my time in the Faculty of Arts I learned time management skills, teamwork skills, strategic thinking skills, report and policy writing skills, networking skills, and I honed my ability to work independently.

“The longer I work at the Council the more I realise that this is exactly what I dreamed I would do while I was studying towards a Master of Public Policy at the University of Auckland.”