Commercial director

Studying screen production launched Adam King into the film industry - and gave him lifelong friends.

Key facts

Career: Commercial director
Programme: Master of Arts
Subjects: Screen production

“I am currently working as Commercial Director for TVNZ Blacksand and running and acting in the Viva La Dirt League YouTube channel.

“I love working in the field that I have passion for. It never feels like I actually have to 'work' as I'm constantly doing what I love.

“I get to spend a lot of my time coming up with cool ideas for TV commercials at TVNZ, or coming up with funny and silly skits for the YouTube channel. With both of these it means that I get to spend a lot of time on set doing what I love.

“I decided to study film at the University of Auckland because of the great mix of theoretical and practical film papers.

"I loved my time studying in the Faculty of Arts. I spent five years there, first doing a Bachelor of Arts in Media, Film and Television, then a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and a Master of Arts in Screen Production.

“They were some of the best times of my life and I enjoyed every minute of it. What I learnt in those years not only taught me the valuable skills I needed to work in the film industry, but also gave me friends and contacts that I will keep for life.

"I really felt like part of a family while I was studying at the University of Auckland. The staff in Media, Film and Television are so warm and welcoming, and if you're keen to get involved, university life has such an exciting buzz to it.

“Studying in the Faculty of Arts was a great springboard into the film industry. The people I met and the contacts that I made while studying have helped me hugely in my career, because the film industry is all about collaboration.

“Learning about the artistic background behind film-making has been incredibly useful in my career. These days, with digital technology, anyone can point a camera, but I feel that I have an advantage as a director to actually make films with soul and substance.

“So many people go into studying not knowing what they want to do — and they end up studying something they aren't interested in. There is such an amazing breadth of courses available in an Arts degree that there is almost something for everyone — and if you know where you want to go with your future then you'll be able to perfectly pin point what is going to spark your interest and help your career the most.”